Discharge Procedure

Taking an active role in your health care can result in a better overall hospital experience and a quicker recovery. Remember, that by asking your physicians and the nursing staff questions about the procedure, medications and the treatment options that may be available to you, you can ease your mind and speed your healing process.


Discharge Planning

  • It is our goal to help you return to your home and recuperate just as quickly as possible. Planning for your discharge begins the day of admission. Our Nurses and Social Worker, along with your doctor will assist you and your family with any special needs or arrangements for your care. If at any time after your discharge, you believe that you need assistance, do not hesitate to call your attending physician or Social Work Department at extensions 204/209.
  • When the doctor notifies you of your discharge, please have someone readily available to take you home. Upon discharge, the Nursing staff will review the discharge instructions including medications, restrictions and follow-up care with you.



  • You may already have a follow-up appointment with your doctor. If not, please ensure that you make one for sometime in the next 10 days if necessary.


Bill Information & Payment

  • After your physician ordered for your discharge, the nurse will send your medical record file to the Admission & Discharge Office to summarize your hospital bill which you then are required to pay.
  • Hospital bills may be paid at our Admission & Discharge Office Cashier window at the ground floor. Cash, bank cards and credit cards are accepted.


Additional information