Housekeeping Services

KIH aims to provide exemplary housekeeping services that maintain clean, comfortable and hygienic environment suitable for providing quality medical care.

Our housekeeping staffs is well-trained to be meticulous about cleanliness standards and general upkeep our hospital environment. Our housekeepers conduct both daily and periodical cleaning in general parts of the hospital, including waiting areas, staff areas, examination rooms and wards. They are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting of all low and high surfaces. A periodical cleaning is conducted to prevent pests and rodents within and around the hospital premises. Disinfection is conducted in surgical rooms or areas where detailed diagnostic procedures are performed such as operating rooms, critical care units, labor & delivery rooms, recovery rooms and emergency rooms.

In patient rooms, hospital housekeepers will clean bathrooms, clean floors, dust surfaces, wash windows, empty garbage cans and dispose of trash in dumpsters. Housekeepers are also responsible for inspecting linens for wear and tear and distributing finished linen to the respective user departments.

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