Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

The Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) performs sterilization and other actions on medical devices, equipment and consumables. It provides support service to all medical departments through collection of contaminated and unsterile items and cleaning these used devices, like stainless steel tools, following a standard sterilization process.

The department is working under the supervision of the Infection Department that follows the international guidelines on sterilization techniques including washing, decontamination, packing and storing.

The department ensures sterilization and safety of all instruments by using chemical indicators. It has the facility to document its day-to-day activities, upkeeping of sterilization records, ensuring safety of staffs and sterilizing equipment. Also, it provides maintenance to all equipment and instruments to ensure their functionality during sterilization.

The facility is designed and well-equipped with cardiac monitors, invasive blood pressure units, ventilators, infusion and syringe pumps, centralized oxygen and suction machines. Critical patients are being monitored and supervised by qualified nurses and physicians in the ratio of 1:1 in order to provide quality healthcare.

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