Patient Rooms


Our rooms are designed to create an environment that promotes healing and comfort for the patient. There are several room sizes available to choose from like Suite Room, Luxury Rooms, First Class Rooms & Shared Rooms. However, your final accommodation depends on room availability and your medical needs.

We will allow an adult to stay overnight with you as we provided visitor’s bed for each patient room. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will have someone rooming with you so we can provide the services you may need.

Telephone lines are located at each bedside, except in critical areas. Incoming calls can be received anytime. Mobile phones may not be used in patient care because they interfere with medical equipment. You may your outside the patient rooms or in the visitor’s waiting areas.

Each patient room has a wall-mounted television with cable network, a refrigerator and a personal vault where you can put your valuables.
Free WiFi access is provided in all patient areas. You may ask our I.T. Department for the access code at extension 234/262.

Suite Room Features:

  1. Patient Control Bed
  2. Bedside Table
  3. Visitor’s Bed
  4. IV Pole
  5. Oxygen & Suction Panel
  6. Patient Cabinet & Dresser
  7. Telephone Line
  8. TV with Cable
  1. Refrigerator
  2. Personal Vault
  3. Water Heater
  4. Free WiFi Access
  5. Dining Table
  6. Toilet & Bathroom
  7. Living Room with Sofa & Tables

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