Department of Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Department is committed to the care and enhancement of human life and strives to deliver high quality cost-effective physiotherapy and rehabilitation program to the community it serves.
It offers diverse rehabilitation services to patients including:

  • Rheumatologic disorders: Arthritis, neck and back pain, soft tissue problems.
  • Pain management: Diagnosis and treatment with soft tissue and intra-articular injections and biofeedback
  • Neurological disorders: Strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neuropathies, balance disorders
  • Rehabilitation of orthopedic and other surgical conditions: Discectomy, total knee and total hip replacements, amputees.
  • Respiratory therapy to all ICU patients, education for prevention of DVT and backache after delivery.

The department employs a wide range of physical therapy equipment such as short and microwave, diathermy ultraviolet and infrared devices, stimulation currents, pulse wave, galvanic/faradic stimulation, TENS, Ultrasound and Laser.

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