Department of Obstetrics / Gynecology & Infertility

The Obstetrics Department of Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital (KIH) is committed to take care of pregnant women from the beginning of pregnancy until child birth. It provides antenatal care to mother from inception of pregnancy until labor and manages problems occurring during antenatal period like bleeding, urinary tract infections, ectopic pregnancies, etc. Our labor room is ready to accept all cases of labor as it is well-equipped with modern medical facilities and advanced monitoring equipment to observe the baby and mother during labor. It is also supported by well-equipped nursery unit managed by Pediatric Consultants.

Many expectant mothers want to deliver their babies like in the comfort of their homes, yet they desire the safety and access to modern medical technology and services of consultant physicians. KIH has respected and realized the need of these mothers and prepared a special birthing room facility in our labor room. The concept of this facility is to provide mothers the maternity care in the most relaxed environment. The presence of the family encourages the bonding between parents and their baby, facilitates breastfeeding and gives new parents hands on experience in caring for their newborn.

As we aim to stop or minimize the pain but not the labor during delivery in a manner safe to both baby and mother, KIH offers expectant mothers to experience the scientific way of painless labor. This is done by epidural analgesia which is administered by our expert Anesthetist, providing superior pain relief during labor. Similarly, our Gynecology Department is well-equipped with modern ultrasound (with color Doppler) for managing cases of repeated miscarriages, early diagnosis of tumors of cervix and uterus and laparoscopic operations for most of the surgical diseases of gynecology. Pre-marital check-ups for couples and management of post-menopausal problems are also performed.

At KIH, we have holistic and humane approach to those couples not blessed of having children by providing them with the advanced medical care.These couples are evaluated by expert Gynecologist and Urologist and investigated in our advanced and well-equipped laboratory and the best option to achieve pregnancy is advised.

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