Emergency Room

The Emergency Room is one of the major critical areas with diverse needs. It is well-equipped and ready to receive patients at any time of the day all year around. It is run by well-experienced team of specialists, consultants and nurses who are prepared to handle any medical emergencies that comes to our doors. In addition, our consultants in all fields provide on-call coverage in all specialties ensuring appropriate and timely care as it is our priority and concern.

Our Emergency Room has well-equipped resuscitation room for trauma and separate observation rooms for male and female patients. It is supported by fully-equipped ambulance with portable ventilator, suction and qualified staff to save the life of patient during transfer.

When patients enter the Emergency Room, they are immediately seen by a triage team. This allows our staff to determine priority and level of care needed according to illness or injury. The triage staff is specially trained to separate minor needs from major emergencies.

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