Our Founder

(1913 – 1993)

Dr. Khalid Mohammed Idriss was born in 1913 and completed his medical studies with honors in the year 1936 from the American University in Lebanon. Thereafter, he proceeded to the United States of America and France to pursue his specialization and availed higher degrees in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and joined the American Foundation for Surgeons.

In 1944, Dr. Khalid, a young physician who was highly qualified and exceptionally talented in his clinical and teaching works started his career as a Consultant for the American Health Service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The striving doctor was destined to do beyond his initial limits as he was to give a lifetime dedication to his profession. The word spread like wildfire through the City of Jeddah that a newlygraduate doctor was in town and from that moment, there was no stopping the flow of patients beating the paths to his door in order so seek treatment for their ills.

Despite the time constraints, Dr. Khalid managed to contribute many scientific researches in some significant conferences such as research on Vesicovaginal Fistula and various studies about Uterine Cancer. He was a member of many scientific and medical foundations including Society of Reproductive Medicine, American Fertility Association, Fellow of the Royal Society of OB/GYN, French Association of Surgeons, American College of Surgeons and Medical Society of Austria. In 1970, he was granted the membership of World Health Organization for his dedication in supporting scientific educational objectives.

Dr. Khalid was a professional physician with an ever compassionate manner and unexcelled skills who from the beginning, was never put limits on his capabilities.

He was performing at his very best to strengthen and expand his bond with his patients into a lifetime of helping, informing, counseling, aiming, saving lives and bringing new lives into the world.

Dr. Khalid’s greatest asset was his willingness to help people at all times. He made it as his priority to help people and to see those who greatly need his service. He was a professional of great caliber.


Dr. Khalid prodigious achievement is more appreciated when placed in its integral time context. The magnitude of his historical role is being overwhelmed by the phenomenal and rapid progress accomplished in the Kingdom during the seventies onwards. People who lived the fifties and sixties continue to remember him with great admiration as a pioneer in health care.

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